About Jean

As a five-year-old, I begged to go to first grade in a small Indiana town that had no kindergarten at the time. I got there thanks to the assistance of my schoolteacher mother and an available seat in that grade's classroom. 

But even before then, I loved reading and words. So when an opportunity for a career in publishing came my way after a short career in social work and a period as a stay-at-home mom, I jumped at the chance. I've been a publishing professional now for thirty-three years.

  • I worked in publishing operations, editorial project management, and as a corporate editorial services editor at Zondervan for twenty-four years, the latter years as an Executive Managing Editor. Zondervan is now under the HarperCollins Christian Publishing umbrella, along with Thomas Nelson. During that time, I did freelance editing on a limited basis.
  • As a full-time freelance editor for nine years now, I offer editing and writing primarily for publishing companies and organizations. Also working with individuals, I specialize in Christian content and have edited a wide variety of works, including novels, novellas, Bible devotionals and notes, memoirs, devotional books, business books, and other works of nonfiction. (See the tabs above for lists of editing projects—one for fiction and one for nonfiction—that include their authors and in most cases the publishers who hired me.)
  • As a writer, I've written blog and website posts and articles, case studies, and the stories people tell me. I've revised others' work and provided ghost writing as well. (See the
    "professional writing" tab above for more information.)
  • Kavich—my maiden name I use in honor of my late father—is pronounced "cave-itch"! My father was instrumental in my editorial career, planting the seeds well before I got here. Here is a post I once wrote about that.
  • Two of my three adult children are professional writers as well, the other ensures writing is part of the family's homeschooling curriculum, and I have some budding writers among my grandchildren.

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