Services / Rates

Line / Copy Edit (in combination) 

In both fiction and nonfiction, I perform several-pass, line-by-line reads to achieve flow and consistent style; address inconsistencies (such as in timeline, staging, character/place descriptions, and point of view in both novels and nonfiction story illustrations); make spelling, punctuation, and grammar corrections; and suggest alternative word choices and other changes to ensure clarity. I also provide a book-specific style guide and, with novels, timeline/continuity documentation. As of October 1, 2020, my rate for this level of editing is $40.00/hour, depending on the project, or a negotiated flat fee. 

Developmental Edit (also called a Substantive, Macro, or Content Edit) 

I deliver a detailed editorial letter assessing overall structure and organization, providing suggestions for improvement and confirming what's on target and any helpful comments or queries in the manuscript file. As of October 1, 2020, my rate for this level of editing is $46.50/hour, depending on the  project, or a negotiated flat fee. See below. If you decide you want me to make major changes for you, my fee is $65.00/hour. 

Writing and Manuscript Revision

I put ideas or story into well-crafted words and an accessible, readable flow, or revise a manuscript to achieve the same result. As of October 1, 2020, my rate for writing and manuscript revision is $65.00/hour or a negotiated flat fee. 
Please note: I do not work with curriculum, children's books, or any work that is highly academic or technical or has a massive number of footnotes.

The scope, process, and cost for each project are mutually agreed upon by the client and Bloom in Words before work begins. Scope and cost evaluation are based on the complexity, form, and type of sample original copy, and, in some cases, sample editing of that copy. Process is based on the comfort level of both the client and Bloom in Words Editorial Services. 

The latest editions of The Chicago Manual of Style (17th) and Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (11th) are my standard reference materials. I also use The Christian Writer's Manual of Style (4th edition) and, of course, publishers' specific style guides.

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