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I'm book editor Jean Kavich Bloom. Part of the Christian publishing industry for more than three decades, I've freelanced full-time the last dozen. Working with publishing professionals and authors collaboratively, I help make:
  • proven editorial services at reasonable cost accessible.
  • the use of standard industry reference materials a given.
  • the written word clear and editorially excellent.
  • authors' vision, story or message, passion, and insight shine in their full potential for intended audiences.

At the bottom of this site's pages, check out upcoming releases and recent releases of some books I've had the privilege to edit. And the tabs across the top of this page will take you to:

  • my background
  • my experience and accomplishments in the publishing and editing fields
  • projects I've edited, both fiction and nonfiction
  • my clients
  • the types of editing and writing I do
  • what some authors and publishing professionals say about my work 
  • the services, processes, and rates I offer
  • how to contact me*

Thanks for stopping by!  

*Because of my work with publishers, at times I'm unavailable to work with authors not publishing their books traditionally. 

Upcoming Release

Upcoming Release
Hope After Church Hurt by Joe Dobbins (Chosen Books - June 2024)

Upcoming Release

Upcoming Release
Healing for Every Heart in Adoption by Betsy S. Kylstra, Lisa C. Qualls, Jodi Jackson Tucker (Chosen Books - November 2024)

Recent Release

Recent Release
The God Who Hears by James Merritt (Harvest House - March 2024)

Recent Release

Recent Release
Dream Brave by Wai Jia Tam (Chosen Books - January 2024)