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Not all publishers ask freelancers to work directly with authors, but I've been privileged to work with the following authors who have kindly said a good word about my work. The first section has testimonies from nonfiction authors, and the second has testimonies from novelists. The most recent ones are dated.


“Working with Jean on Hope After Church Hurt was a wonderful experience. She was thoughtful, prompt, and a true professional. There is no doubt her contributions made this project better!” - Joe Dobbins, author of Hope After Church Hurt (May 2024)

"Working with Jean was an exceptional experience. Her dedication to excellence and unwavering support have been instrumental in bringing the vision of my book to life. She possesses a remarkable talent for enhancing the clarity and impact of my writing without compromising my unique voice. Her expertise, keen editorial eye, and thoughtful feedback elevated my work to new heights. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity I had to work with her." - Chuck Tate, author of Nine Words from Jesus (May 2024)

"I loved working with Jean on my latest book project. What made the experience so helpful is that Jean offered not just editorial feedback, but she truly went beyond that to get into the heart of what I was trying to communicate. She encouraged me to dig deeper or add more to certain points in my writing, and I have not had anyone take the time to do that with my first two books. Jean is also enormously cheerful and efficient in the collaboration process. I highly recommend her to any author who seeks to really strengthen their offering." - Jodi Jackson Tucker, coauthor with Lisa C. Qualls and Betsy S. Kylstra of Healing Every Heart in Adoption (April 2024)

"As an editor, Jean looked at our book from many different angles. Her edits were very thoughtful. She helped us with better content arrangement and smoother flow of thoughts, and she eliminated inconsistencies, helped us update language, and even noticed small things that could have possibly caused hurt feelings. Bravo! I believe Jean helped us move our book from 'a really good book' to a book that is 'excellent' in its writing and purpose. Benefits of including Jean guaranteed." - Betsy S. Kylstra, coauthor with Lisa C. Qualls and Jodi Jackson Tucker of Healing Every Heart in Adoption (April 2024)

"Writing a book with three authors can present challenges, but I had complete confidence in Jean and felt we could trust her with our book. Publishing can be stressful, but Jean brought peace and calm expertise to the process. I would love to work with her again." - Lisa C. Qualls, coauthor with Betsy S. Kylstra and Jodi Jackson Tucker of Healing Every Heart in Adoption (April 2024)

"This was my first book with a major publisher, so I was a rookie to the entire editing process. Jean patiently held my hand and walked me through every step. She made fixes that I missed and made suggestions to make my manuscript clearer and more succinct. I wish I had utilized her on some previous self-published works. She made everything better!"- Barrett Johnson, author of Disciple Them Like Jesus (January 2024) 

"Jean is an editor whose spirit brings out the best in an author's writing. I was moved by how much care she took to ensure what I meant to say wasn't distorted during the editing process. And she did it with great speed and accuracy too. She honors your writing by putting in great care and dedication to be sure she does justice to your hard work. You'll find her a delight to work with!" -  

Dr. Wai Jia Tam, author of Dream Brave (January 2024)

"As a first-time author, I was nervous about the editing process, worrying that my message would be watered down or my writing style would be changed. Thankfully, I was beyond pleasantly surprised working with Jean as my editor. Simply put, she made my writing better. So much better. She clarified and honed my writing, causing my message and writing style to really shine. Jean's extensive experience and natural gifting shows. I could not be happier working with Jean." Melissa Johnson, author of Soul-Deep Beauty

"I really enjoyed having Jean as my editor because she both encouraged and challenged me. Jean asked me to think about more contentious pieces of my book from different angles I hadn't thought of while respecting my voice and conclusions in the process. I believe my book is the best version it can be, in part, because of the work Jean poured into it." Jillian Benfield, author of The Gift of the UnexpectedFinalist for 2024 Christian Book Award: "New Author" 

"My favorite part of the editorial collaboration is the seamless way in which a talented, gifted editor is able to reach into my mind and anticipate the pitch-perfect way I would love for my thoughts and words to be arranged on the page. Jean’s deft hand and light touch are so intuitive that my books are a result of her careful crafting and dedication but also by her uncanny ability to weave changes that read invisible given she knows my voice so well. It is clear by her well-founded suggestions and comments that she cares as much about my manuscript realizing the best version of itself as I do. I trust her implicitly with my work and am always looking forward to our next project. With Jean, my books become our books and I simply wouldn’t have it any other way but that team effort." — Rachel McMillan, author of Dream, Plan, and GoDream, Plan, and Go Adventure Journal; and A Very Merry Holiday Movie Guide 

“Jean took the responsibility for a difficult edit—dual authors with different personalities and different writing styles and a long non-fiction book besides. She took the challenge and came back with a manuscript that was much clearer and easier to read. (Even my wife was excited about the many improvements! She didn't know I could write so clearly.) Jean delivered on time as promised and was exceptionally easy to work with as well as encouraging to a new writer, so much so I'm encouraged to write another book but will involve her earlier in the process.” - Jim DeVries, coauthor of Christ-Centered Leadership at Work 

"I recently had the honor to work with Jean Bloom. As this is my first book, Jean lovingly called it a “heavy edit”! I would have to agree. I don't know that I could have done it without her. Her writing style is spot-on, and I truly believe she understood the heart of where I was coming from. I am grateful to Jean for turning my book into a reality. She was also right on time, which I appreciated." - Christine Soule, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Providence Heights

"Jean was very easy to work with. This was my first experience with having my work edited, so I didn’t know what to expect. She was thorough and helpful, while keeping my voice throughout the book. I absolutely plan to work with Jean again in the future!" - Alan Seaborn, Winning At Home, author of Journeying with Pain 

 “I came into the editing process believing I was a good writer, and that an editor would probably just want to change my words to their words. That’s not at all what happened. Jean helped me say what I wanted to say, but better. Her work was clean and easy to understand, but more importantly, it was invaluable. I was instantly able to see the value of her editing my book. She’s a pro, and her work is a reflection of that status. She’s responsive, deadline-driven, and clear in her interactions. There wasn’t a moment while working with her when I felt uncertain about where things were. Whether you’re writing your first book, or 100th book, Jean should be the call you make." - Brock Shinen, author of The Christian Entrepreneur 

"Jean's editing service was exceptional. She helped me to produce a more refined and understandable book. Her editing skill, speed, and understanding of my writing made working with Jean a pleasure." - Jason Wiedel, author of Persecution Complex

 “Mark Twain despised editors. In 1889 he wrote, ‘Yesterday Mr. Hall wrote that the printer's proof-reader was improving my punctuation for me,& I telegraphed orders to have him shot without giving him time to pray.’ If Mark Twain could have worked with Jean, I’m confident that he would have changed his opinion about proofreaders. Jean is knowledgeable, thorough, fast, offers great insights, and understands writing from a Christian worldview. I enthusiastically recommend her.” - Ron Haas, Author of Ask for a FishVice President at The Timothy Group 

"Skill, speed, and communication are just a few of the traits that set Jean apart. Her eye for detail and knowledge of what readers like make her an excellent editor. She is very approachable and a true pleasure to work with." - Misty Dollard, Author of Seven: A Modern Day Look at the Feasts of the Lord

"Although (it was) my first time writing and editing a book, Jean walked me through the process with many corrections and ideas to make the work more readable. I'm grateful for her knowledge and insight within the publishing world, which was wonderful for a neophyte like me." - Phil Smart, author of By Any Means 

“Jean has an understanding of the Christian audience and how to build a book, build a chapter and build a sentence to impact your reader. Jean gets it! - Patrick G. McLaughlin, President/Founder, The Timothy Group, Author of Major Donor Game Plan and The C Factor

"Jean was a strong referral from an agent friend of mine. This was my first book project, though, so I was a bit apprehensive about the process. Even began to wonder if I could publish without an editor. Ha! Looking back that would have been a HUGE mistake! Jean added so much more to my book than I could have ever imagined. I "liked" my book before her assistance. I "love" it now! She even took into consideration my newness to working with an editor and walked me through each step with clarity, professionalism, and grace and taught me a few things about writing along the way. Well worth the investment! Can't recommend her services enough!" - Ryan May, author of Stuck in the Middle


"I’ve worked with my share of editors over the years, and I have to say Jean has been a delight! Solid in her critique but encouraging at the same time. A rare balance--and just what a writer needs!" Buck Storm, author of Venus Sings the Blues

"I had the honor and joy of working with Jean on copy and line edits for my contracted novel. Jean proved to be knowledgeable, easy to work with, and caught things I missed. Whenever there was a point of disagreement on a change, she listened to my reasoning and then either agreed or offered a workable alternative, leaving the final decision up to me. Through working with Jean, I feel like I have improved as a writer. I look forward to the next time we interact." - Crystal Caudill, author of Counterfeit Love  

"Jean gave me what I wanted most from editing---an even better book and a learning experience. To give just one example, I thought I'd mastered maintaining point of view until she firmly and graciously took me in hand. It was that very skill that made all the difference in revising the last scene of the book. Thanks to Jean, the end of The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady is as strong as the beginning." - Sharon Mondragon, The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady 

"As both an editor and an author, I know that the author-editor relationship is one of the most important elements of the publishing process. Jean Bloom is a wonderful editor, balancing attention to detail and author voice with graciousness. My book is so much better because of her work." - Janyre Tromp, editor at Kregel Publications and author of Shadows in the Mind’s Eye (July 2021) 

"Working with Jean Bloom is pure joy. We first met when she came alongside me during an especially difficult project, and she provided needed clarity and insight—along with such encouragement. Her eye for detail is excellent, especially as it relates to timelines and character development. I cannot recommend her editorial services highly enough!" – Tamera Alexander, best-selling author of With This Pledge (Christy Award winner) and A Note Yet Unsung

"Editor Jean Bloom knows how to strengthen an author’s voice without trying to hijack it. I can’t thank her enough for her help with my novel, Dead End [Bethany House]. I highly recommend her!" – Nancy Mehl, USA Today bestselling author, Carol Award winner, and Christy Award nominee 

"You will not get a more thorough and thought-provoking edit than from Jean Kavich Bloom. Not only did she catch an innumerable number of typos, faulty punctuations, and other out-of-order sundries, but her commentary on style consistency, flow, and narrative integrity challenged me in exactly the way my readers would have...except now they won't because Jean caught them first. I'm a better and more thoughtful writer because of her diligence." - Gordon Greenhill, author of The Relics of Errus series, Volume 1, Flight of the Sky Cricket, and Volume 2, Plight of the Rokan Boy 

"On the day I started looking for editors for my novel, I opened ACFW's daily email to find a blog post by Jean Bloom—an editor. That seemed like more than a coincidence, so I checked out her website. Right away I saw the long list of authors—many in my same genre—she had worked with. Once I emailed her and had her do a sample edit, I knew I'd found my editor. Working with Jean was wonderful. She worked quickly, conveyed her thoughts and suggestions clearly, and greatly improved my manuscript on the macro and micro levels. I cannot recommend her services enough, and will be using her again for my next novel." - Christy Distler, author of A Cord of Three Strands and The Heart Knows the Way Home

“Jean was detailed and efficient, gracious and respectful. The Baggage Handler is my debut novel, and she treated my first child with care. Jean suggested ways for it to improve and kept an important external watch on a story that was so embedded in my head there were things I could no longer see. I hope to work with her again.” - David Rawlings, author of The Camera Never Lies and The Baggage Handler (HarperCollins Christian Publishing), winner of a 2019 Christy Award  

"Meticulous, prompt, detailed, and kind are all words I associate with Jean. She worked with me on my first novel and it was such a relief to know I was in such capable hands. She made my novel stronger by ensuring the elements of the story all tied together, catching mistakes in details and timeline, and cleaning up grammar, spelling, and punctuation. She saw things I didn't notice, and has a sharp eye for continuity and logic within a story. I was so pleased to work with her and hope to again soon." - Rachel Linden, author of Ascension of Larks 

"Attention to detail, respect for the writer's voice, and a keen eye are just three of the things that come to mind when I think of Jean Bloom. Anytime she edits my work, I know it's in excellent hands!" - Katie Ganshert, novelist, Carol Award Winner (American Christian Fiction Writers) 

"Jean Bloom edits with a graceful touch and a sharp eye. Her help with my Amish mystery series has been invaluable, and I'm always pleased with a chance to get to work with her." – Vannetta Chapman, author of The Amish Village Mystery Collection 

"Jean Bloom is one of my favorite editors! We collaborated on several of my books, and I was thankful for her knowledge and skill. She not only polished my words, but she suggested ways to improve the story. Jean is detail-oriented, and she remembered aspects of the story and characterization from previous books that were applicable to the current manuscript. At times, I was certain she knew my characters better than I did! Jean is a brilliant editor, and I hope we are able to continue to work together. I’m certain she’s made my books better than they were before she worked her magic on them." - Amy Clipston, best-selling author (HarperCollins Christian Publishing)

"Jean Bloom is an excellent editor. We've worked together on several projects, and her attention to detail is superb. One of Jean's many exemplary qualities as an editor is that she allows the author's voice to shine through while still finding ways to improve what is already written. For me, this is the most important aspect of editing, and Jean excels at it. I highly recommend Jean's editorial services."  – Kathleen Fuller, best-selling author (HarperCollins Christian Publishing)

"Working with editor Jean Bloom is a delight! She gives suggestions, helps decipher wordy prose, and makes my work shine...all while being positive and professional. When I am fortunate to have the chance to work with Jean, I jump at the chance." - New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray (HarperCollins Christian Publishing) 

"Jean Bloom is a talented and diligent editor. Her keen insights, attention to detail, and flexibility, while maintaining my voice, were gifts I treasure. She was responsive and considerate. I couldn’t have been more pleased and look forward to working with her again." - Kate Lloyd (, bestselling novelist; A Letter from Lancaster County 

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