Services / Rates

These rates consider current industry price charts and my experience, expertise, and track record (see the Professional Recommendations and Author Testimonials tabs). Please note a new offering at the end of this page: professional proofreading. 

Line and copyediting

Usually offered in combination, I . . .

  • work to adjust any awkward phrasing, tighten writing, ensure precise word choices, and achieve excellence in English grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • address timeline, point of view (POV), and staging inconsistencies for both fiction and nonfiction that features story, as well as any issues created when dots don't connect or gaps have formed. 
  • adhere to standard industry and any in-house style guides.
  • double check facts for accuracy.
 Current Rate: $45.00/hour
Sample Edit Rate (five pages) - $100.00 flat fee, prepaid* 

Substantive / macro / developmental editing

With this level of edit, I . . .
  • generate a detailed editorial letter assessing overall structure and organization and clearly outlining what I think works, what I think can be improved, and ideas for how to make improvements. With this level of edit for fiction, an assessment of character development, for instance, is included.
  • make helpful notations in the manuscript file.
  • answer questions to further ensure clarity for actionable suggestions.
Current Rate: $50.00/hour
(If you want suggested changes then crafted for you, the rate is $65.00/hour. This rate may be adjusted if locating source material is involved.)


In original writing, I . . .
  • craft ideas and information into readable, accessible form for the client's chosen target audience.
  • write to space and word count requirements without losing the essence of the message or the voice of the author or organization. 
    Current Rate: $75.00/hour
    (This rate may be adjusted if locating source material is involved. See the Professional Writing tab above for more information.) 

    The scope, process, rate, and payment schedule and method for each project are mutually agreed upon before work begins. Scope and cost evaluation are based on the complexity, form, and type of sample original copy and in some cases sample editing of that copy. Process is based on the comfort level of both the client and Bloom in Words Editorial Services.

    My standard reference materials are the latest editions of The Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. I also use The Christian Writer's Manual of Style and, of course, publishers' specific style guides.

    *What are the benefits of a sample edit? A sample edit of five pages from a manuscript (preferably somewhere beyond the first couple of chapters) does three things:

    1. It shows what an edit from me would be like.
    2. It helps determine a good match (or not).
    3. It provides a launching pad for some cost-saving self-editing.

    All the suggested changes are not only visible with the Microsoft Word tracking feature activated but explained. 


    Proofreading is not editing. In fact, editing is all but forbidden at this stage. Proofreading is the last editorial review, performed only after all levels of editing are complete. This "eagle eye" process, a skill I've developed over the years as well as editing, searches for any remaining, overlooked errors like a misspelling, spacing issue, missing word, or duplication.

    If your work is ready for proofreading, this is a service I can offer you. 
    • Provide a Word document, and I'll use the tracking feature to mark errors to be corrected, the final decisions yours. 
    • Send a PDF, and rather than use Adobe Acrobat stamps, I'll print out only the pages that need markup, clearly mark corrections by hand in red ink, and then scan those pages in color before returning them in a small PDF file. You can make the final corrections.
    Either way, the goal is a work that's as clean as possible.

    Current Rate: $35.00/hour or $3.00/page (250 words = 1 page)

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