Professional Writing

Most of the writing I do for clients does not include a byline or is writing that folds into an edit. Nor are those projects listed or explained on this website. But here are examples of the types of professional writing I've done and do:

  • Helped to revise sermons into book form and the use of a single Bible translation, adding transitions and achieving flow and consistency. 
  • Generally “doctored” manuscripts at the request of a publisher, achieving greater focus and improving organization and structure. 
  • Interviewed clients of a major Christian organization and written their stories succinctly and compellingly in five hundred words. 
  • Written reflection/discussion questions for authors' nonfiction books. 
  • Reworked material suited for prefaces and introductions so those parts conform to standard definitions and purpose.
  • Written a chapter for an author on a single topic.
  • Ghostwritten several chapters for a speaker's book, based on that person's ideas, views, and previous writings. 
  • Written Part/Section introductions.


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