Professional Writing

Most of the professional writing I do for clients does not include a byline or is writing that naturally folds into an edit. Here are examples below, and references are available by request.

  • Helped revise sermons into book form and the use of a single Bible translation, adding transitions and achieving flow and consistency. 
  • Generally, “doctored” manuscripts at the request of publishers: achieving greater focus; improving organization, structure, flow, and sometimes content; and elevating the writing. 
  • Interviewed clients of a major Christian organization and wrote their stories succinctly and compellingly in five hundred words. 
  • Wrote Reflection/Discussion Questions for authors' books.  
  • Reworked material suited for prefaces and introductions to conform to standard definitions and purpose. 
  • Wrote a chapter for an author on a single topic. 
  • Ghost wrote several chapters for a speaker's book, based on that person's ideas, views, and previous writings. 
  • Ghost wrote a book of devotional-like pieces based on the author’s online “tips for living.”
  • Wrote Part/Section introductions. 
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