Jean Kavich Bloom

Bloom in Words Editorial Services

January 2024 

Email: jean@bloominwordseditorial.com

Website: bloominwordseditorial.com 

Summary of Skills and Experience: I’m a seasoned editorial professional with thirty-six years of publishing experience, including nearly twenty-four years in a publishing house. The last twelve years of my career have been spent in full-time freelancing. I honed my editorial skills through courses, on the job, and by, as of this date, editing 275 fiction and non-fiction books for multiple Christian publishers, organizations, and authors as a freelancer. 

Publishing/Editorial Career History

·        Owner, Editor, and Writer, Bloom in Words Editorial Services (January 2007 to present). I became a full-time freelancer in fall 2011 upon leaving premier publishing company Zondervan, my employer of nearly twenty-four years, to move closer to family. For a full employment and position history, see Jean (Kavich) Bloom | LinkedIn.


Relevant Strengths, Skills, and Accomplishments

·        I initiated, established, and directed a Zondervan Corporate Editorial Services team, which provided editorial services to non-product areas of the company: PR, marketing, human resources, and the office of the CEO. I also worked alongside editors at every level of the editorial process. 

·        I’ve edited 275 books as a professional freelancer, primarily line/copyediting in combination, saving editorial process time for my clients. I’ve also provided substantive editing, crafting editorial letters for authors on behalf of a publisher’s in-house editor. In many cases, in-house editors ask me to work directly with their authors and then deliver a clean, author-approved manuscript edit to their house. 

·        I’ve worked with more than a dozen Christian publishing houses and organizations, as well as individual clients, using The Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition), Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (11th edition), The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style (4th edition), and publishers’ own style manuals as provided. 

·        I wrote two published children’s devotional books for Zondervan and ghost wrote a book of devotional-like pieces based on the author’s online “tips for living.” Other types of professional writing I do as a freelancer are outlined on my website here.


·        I have developed and maintained throughout my corporate and freelance career:

Ø  An exemplary record for detailed and thorough work, a strong work ethic, dependable integrity, and professional interactions with both publishing staff and authors.

Ø  Proven, high-quality line editing/copyediting, macro/substantive editing, and writing skills.

Ø  Excellent time management skills, meeting and most often beating deadlines, including on rush projects.


·        See multiple recommendations from publishing industry professionals and both established and debut authors on my website.