Welcome! I'm Jean Kavich Bloom. A freelance book editor, I work collaboratively with publishing professionals in the Christian market and their authors to help make the written word accessible and editorially excellent.* At the same time, I help to ensure that the authors' vision, story, passion, voice, and insight remain intact, whether in fiction or nonfiction. (If you'd like a plain old bio, skip to the end of this page.)

*I am currently unable to accept projects from individuals. 

Background and Experience

I'm privileged to have more than thirty-four years of publishing experience, including fourteen years as a freelancer, more than ten of them full-time. As of fall 2021, I had edited more than one hundred novels and novellas and more than 125 nonfiction books, many featuring story. You can read more about my background and experience here and hereauthor testimonials hereand professional publishing recommendations here.


When I provide line/copy editing I . . . 
  • Eliminate awkward phrasing, tighten writing, ensure precise word choices, and achieve excellence in English grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Address timeline, point of view (POV), and staging inconsistencies for both fiction and nonfiction featuring story, as well as any issues created when dots don't connect or gaps have formed. 
  • Adhere to standard industry and in-house style guides. 
 (See the Services / Rates tab for more details.) 

When I provide a substantive / macro / developmental edit I . . .
  • Generate a detailed editorial letter assessing overall structure and organization and clearly outlining what I think works, what I think can be improved, and ideas for how to make improvements. With this level of edit for fiction, an assessment of character development, for instance, is included.
  • Make helpful notations in the manuscript file.
  • Answer questions to further ensure clarity for actionable suggestions.
(See the Services / Rates tab for more details.) 

When I write I . . .
  • Put ideas and information into readable, accessible form for the client's chosen target audience.
  • Write to space and word count requirements without losing the essence of the message or the voice of the author or organization. 
 (See the Services / Rates tab for more details.)

The tabs across the top of this home page will lead you to learning: 
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Thanks for stopping by. Picture me drinking coffee, because I probably am! Oh, and if you'd like a plain old bio from me, here it is:

Jean Kavich Bloom has been in the publishing industry for thirty-four years. For twenty-four years she worked at Zondervan publishing house, finishing her career there as an executive managing editor. In late 2011 she took her freelance editorial services full-time when she and her husband returned to Central Indiana to be near family.


Jean is engaged primarily by Christian publishing houses, offering several levels of editing for both fiction and nonfiction books: substantive, line, and copy—the latter two often in combination. Several of her clients request that she work directly with their authors, and some engage her to perform all three stages of editing for a single book, providing unique continuity. In addition, she offers non-byline writing services upon request.


Among Jean’s clients are Harvest House, Bethany House Publishers, Kregel Publications, and HarperCollins Christian Publishing. She’s worked with several other publishers as well, and in the last decade she’s provided editing for more than 125 nonfiction titles and more than 100 novels and novellas, including a Christy Award winner and three Carol Award winners. Professional and author recommendations are conveniently located on Jean’s website, bloominwordseditorial.com.

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